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In the year 2005, FPSC for the first time ever, has allowed physically impaired candidates in all categories of physical, hearing/speech (deaf & dumb) and visually impaired (blind) to compete for competitive examination against four Occupational Groups / Services : (a) Commerce and Trade Group (b) Pakistan Audit & Accounts Group (c) Information Group and (d) Postal Group. This year twelve physically impaired candidates appeared in written examination and only one candidate Muhammad Masood Imran qualified. 25 years old Masood is son of a retired Member of WAPDA. He holds MSE (Software Engineering Degree) and has been a scholarship holder. He is afflicted with Mascular Distrophy and uses a wheel chair. Irrespective of his disability, CSS has been his childhoold dream. Hardwork, honesty, dedication, urge to compete and will to strive are the mainstay of his character. He wants to join the Audit & Accounts Group.